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Welcome to my Christmas blog. If you arrived here from my other blog, Gracenotes For Today then you already know all about my love for cardmaking, home dec items, sewing projects and graphic design.

This site will host anything with a Christmas theme, either NEW or that was previously on the Gracenotes For Today site. Also, to the above list, I will include some of my poems that are perfect for use with cardmaking.

I'm so happy you decided to drop by. Please feel free to comment on anything you see here that inspires you.

~ Grace

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Grace Notes

Grace Notes
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December 21, 2015

Elegant Blue Christmas Tree

In Quiet Elegance

Sometimes it is refreshing to pause and just reflect on the blessings of Christmas. In designing this card, I chose to step away from my usual fussing with details. 

blue sparkle tree card, designed by Grace Baxter

The sentiment is simple. The tree is stately and elegant. Blue sparkly cardstock gives it life and shimmer. And for extra sparkle, I added an abundance of crystals.

Background of Noel

In the late 14th century, "Noel" meant "feast of Christmas" and from old French, noel means the Christmas season in reference to the birthday of Christ. As a masculine proper name, it means "born on Christmas". In that case, perhaps I should have named my Christmas Day son Noel (which would be pronounced "nowell" in its masculine form.)

Inside, there is a personal message.

December 17, 2015

Christmas Train

Sending Christmas Fun!

This is a special card for a very special little boy. Daniel loves trains and I hope he will get a kick out of this one. It features HIM as the train engineer (teddy bear version), pulling a load of Christmas presents and of course, his parents too.

Christmas train card, full spread, designed by Grace Baxter
3-Panel Children's Christmas Card

Card size is 12" wide by 5-1/2" high.

The greeting spreads out across all 3 panels. Letters are shiny silver stickers (much easier than trying to cut my own).

And that's where the time-saving ends. There are many layers to this card. It's one of those projects that seems simple enough to make, but requires a lot of patience! View the video below to see the dimension and shine better.

Cartridges Used

Fabulous Finds:    Card shape
New Arrival:         Train
Winter Frolic:       Stack of gifts
Christmas Cheer:  Candy cane, train wheels

The family of bears are from a scrapbooking page I've had a long time. They were exactly the size I needed and their poses worked perfectly with my design vision.

I welcome your comments and questions!

December 15, 2015

Bringing in the Greens

The Holly and the Ivy

In my November 24th post, I offered a chance for my followers to share their favourite Christmas theme, and I would make a card featuring that theme. In response, Cocoa's Mom expressed her favourite theme:
What a fun idea, Grace! My favorite Christmas theme is the greenery. From the special 'Bringing in the Greens' service at church to the holly sprigs Mom tucked behind every picture to the tree lighting in the nearby town, this was the signal that the season was upon us. And, of course, my favorite carol is "The Holly and the Ivy!" : )

So here is my card, designed from the inspiration Cocoa's Mom provided. I also love designing cards and tags around themes provided in Christmas Carols . See my jumbo tags from Christmas 2014, featuring Away in a Manger and Silent Night version 1 and Silent Night version 2.

Holly and the Ivy Christmas card, designed by Grace Baxter

I did some research to learn more about the tradition of  "Hanging of the Greens" or Bringing in the Greens.

Card Inside

Holly and the Ivy, inside story, by Grace Baxter

You'll find the story on the inside of the card. I never realized before that the carol, The Holly and the Ivy goes back in history to the days of the Pilgrims. The words are important to the whole idea of "Bringing in the Greens". This card was fun to make. Thank you, Cocoa's Mom for the inspiration!

Holly and the Ivy, card front, designed by Grace Baxter

Cartridges Used

Elegant Edges - Scalloped border, frames for music
Anna Griffin's Winter Wonderland - holly


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